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Interested in joining our Dough Co.?

Come join our team! We are currently looking for Brand Reps to help promote our products and spread the word about our small business. If you love all things sensory play, you might be a perfect fit!

All Reps receive:

  • early access to products

  • a personalized Friends, Family & Followers (FFF) 15% discount code

  • an exclusive Brand Reps only 30% discount code 

  • free product in exchange for clear, high quality images

  • a fun, collaborative team to share ideas and encourage one another


  • must be following on Instagram

  • must have a public Instagram account

  • must create content and engage regularly

Brand Reps are chosen for a 3 month term and may renew for additional terms if the partnership is deemed successful by both parties. The Spring Term will run from February 21 - May 21.

If you are chosen, you will be notified by email by February 19th. Thank you so much for your interest!

Please click here to submit your application.

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