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Camp Sunshine Week 2

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

This week we are focusing on the great outdoors! We will plant, decorate, feed our feathered friends, and do a little weather exploration. (***Start saving those paper towel rolls now!) I am SO excited about these projects! I think you and your kids are going to love them!


These are the cutest and let you get really creative. Plus, once they grow, you can cut their hair! How fun is that?!


Make a feeder out of recycled plastic bottles and try to entice some cute little visitors to your yard!


Worms and dirt are an old stand by and always a kid favorite. We take it up a notch this week with a delicious creation that will taste way better than the mud pies you made as a kid!


All plants in the garden need water to grow. In this experiment, we will replicate what happens to a rain cloud when those downpours occur. Then we'll make some nifty musical instruments that sound just like rain falling.


Using rocks we've collected around the house or park, we will make adorable little fish that add a colorful pop to any outdoor space.



🔲 knee highs or old stockings (if you have old tights or trouser socks lying around, go find them!) (1 sock per child)

🔲 dirt/potting soil/compost (whatever you have at home or in your yard)

🔲 grass seeds

🔲 large googly eyes (2 per child)

🔲 felt or old fabric

🔲 rubberbands or thread (1 per child)

🔲 small waterproof container to set the grass head in (yogurt container, recycled aluminum can, mini garden pot, etc) (1 per child)

🔲 plastic water bottle (1 per feeder)

🔲 flat plastic container with lid (you can use an old deli container, hummus, etc. or these ziplocs work well) (1 per feeder)

🔲 red foam sheet

🔲 string or thin wire

🔲 sugar

🔲 oreo pie crust

🔲 1 box brownie mix w/ whatever ingredients are on back of box

🔲 4 pack of chocolate pudding

🔲 oreos or other sandwich cookies

🔲 gummy worms

🔲 shaving cream (foaming not gel)

🔲 blue food coloring

🔲 paper towel roll or wrapping paper roll (1 per child)

🔲 aluminum foil

🔲 rice

🔲 clear tape

🔲 colored paper

🔲 assorted rocks of different sizes (Go out and collect these ahead of time if you can!)

🔲 hot glue gun

🔲 paint or paint markers (Paint markers will work best for this project. These on Amazon seemed like a pretty decent price.)

I'm on the search to find the best deals on the items on this list. I gave links for some items, but I'm almost positive I can find some things cheaper in the store. Be sure to check my instagram stories this week as I'll be sharing when I find a good deal!


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