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Camp Sunshine Week 3

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

It’s summer, and you know what that means! Time to get wet! This week’s projects will help us beat the heat while creating, experimenting, and splashing around. Get those swimsuits ready and have a wet and wild week!


Ice chalk? Who knew! We'll make some frozen chalk of many colors and see how many drawings we can make in the summer sun!


Using some old stuff at home, you can make some really fun bubble blowers!


Let's see what happens to gummy bears when we put them into different liquids. And since we have gummy bears lying around, why not use them to create a cool popsicle treat?


This fun project will have you racing to get outside and get wet! Who's boat is fastest? Well that depends on how much air you can blow!


Create a catapult and see how far you can launch a small water balloon or water sponge. Plus an extra option to make a really cool water balloon catapult! No matter what you make, plan to get wet!

Shopping List:

This list calls for a popsicle mold, which we will use for two of the activities this week. If you don't have one or would prefer not to buy one, that's fine! We also need craft sticks for the catapults, so just make sure you get a pack big enough for all three activities.

🔲 cornstarch

🔲 washable paint or food coloring

🔲 popsicle mold (or craft sticks and cups/muffin tin)

🔲 popsicle sticks (craft sticks)

🔲 rubber bands

🔲 plastic spoon (1 per child)

🔲 pack of water balloons

🔲 latex tubing (optional—if you want to make the big water balloon catapult) Amazon and Wal-Mart have the best prices

🔲 bottle of Sprite (or juice beverage)

🔲 gummy bears (we used two bags for experiment and 6 popsicles)

🔲 salt

🔲 sugar

🔲 baking soda

🔲 vinegar

🔲 plastic water bottle (1 per child)

🔲 mismatched sock (1 per child)

🔲 duct tape

🔲 dish soap

🔲 food coloring

🔲 kitchen sponge (1 per child)

🔲 regular balloon (1 per child) The link I used is for clear balloons, which you will need later this summer for a different project. Might as well get them now!

🔲 PVC elbow, 1/2 inch, 90 degree (39 cents at Home Depot!) (1 per child)

🔲 water bottle cap (1 per child)

🔲 hot glue gun

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