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Camp Sunshine Week 6

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

I can‘t believe we are six weeks into summer already! Time is flying and despite the fact that we have way less on the schedule than our typical summers, we are staying busy and having tons of fun! This week I told my nine year-old to pick a theme for our week, and he came up with Bugs & Butterflies. Sounded good to me, so here we go!


This project is an old stand by that kids always love. It combines science and art, making it one we couldn’t pass up. We will explore the process of separating colors and turn our creations into pretty paper butterflies.


First up, we will make some ”ants” dance around in a jar. Then we’ll head outside and round up some more ants for a little color changing fun. I'm still not convinced the second one will work, but we'll let you know how it goes!


Have you ever heard of fruit pizza? These cookies are like baby fruit pizzas, with frosting and fruit decorations that turn into cute little bugs and butterflies on top of sugar cookies. Yummy and so creative!


I couldn’t resist! 😉 We’ll make some slippery squishy insect eggs and add them to a really cool clear putty. There might even be a bug or two inside!


Make one or both of these to attract some six legged friends to your yard. Then have fun observing and learning!

Shopping List:

🔲 white basket coffee filters

🔲 pipe cleaners

🔲 non-permanent markers

🔲 string or twine

🔲 raisins

🔲 bottle of Sprite

🔲 food coloring

🔲 sugar

🔲 sugar cookie dough (store bought or your fave recipe)

🔲 white frosting

🔲 items to make bugs and butterflies (strawberry halves, blueberries, mandarin orange slices, pretzel sticks, sprinkles etc)

🔲 clear glue

🔲 Borax

🔲 popsicle (craft) sticks—if making Butterfly House

🔲 small box (tissue box or other of similar size) —if making Bug Hotel

🔲 hot glue gun

🔲 bug friendly nesting materials—sticks, bark, bamboo, pebbles, leaves, dried flowers, straw, burlap, twine etc. for Bug Hotel


🔲 water beads (these are the BEST! Easily found on Amazon and we will use them again for another project in a few weeks!)

🔲 plastic bugs (there are so many choices on Amazon. Pick your fave!)


I have recently become an Amazon Associate; therefore, I will receive a small commission on some of the items above. However, I only recommend items that I myself have purchased and believe will add value to the projects you complete with your family.

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