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Camp Sunshine Week 7

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

I am so excited about this week of camp! It’s hot, ya’ll, so we are going to think cooler thoughts and do some projects and crafts that will have us dreaming of winter! ❄️


Who says you can’t have frozen snow in the summer? Using two ingredients, we will whip up our own magic snow and make snowballs, snowmen, and more!


Using frozen marshmallows, we will construct our own igloo. How will yours look and what will you put inside?


A yummy recipe for white hot chocolate and the cutest polar bear marshmallows to go on top! This recipe makes a ton, so you can share these cute creations with your friends.


These crystals are mesmerizing and so easy to make! Perfect for hanging in a window or even saving for your Christmas tree!


This swirly concoction looks like you’re painting with puffy snow! We’ll use it to make our own winter creations with some snowy sparkle!

Shopping List:

🔲 baking soda (you will need at least 4 cups)

🔲 vinegar

🔲 styrofoam or paper bowl (1 per child)

🔲 toilet paper roll (1/2 roll per child)

🔲 milk (4 cups)

🔲 white chocolate chips

🔲 vanilla extract

🔲 jumbo marshmallows

🔲 regular marshmallows

🔲 mini marshmallows

🔲 candy eyeballs

🔲 brown chocolate candy pieces (m&m’s, Reese’s pieces, chocolate chips etc)

🔲 Borax

🔲 pipe cleaners

🔲 string or ribbon

🔲 popsicle sticks or skewers

🔲 jars

🔲 white school glue

🔲 shaving cream

🔲 blue or black paper (or other dark color)

🔲 paintbrushes


🔲 iridescent glitter

🔲 snowman parts (you can make these if you’d rather not buy!)

🔲 whipped cream


I have recently become an Amazon Associate; therefore, I will receive a small commission on some of the items above. However, I only recommend items that I myself have purchased and believe will add value to the projects you complete with your family!

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