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Camp Sunshine Week 8

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

We are having so much fun this summer with our online camp, and it's hard to believe there are only two weeks left! I let my 11 year-old choose the theme, and it's going to be awesome! We're having a glow party that will last all week long. Here's what we'll be up to:


You can buy colorful sand, but that's not nearly as fun as making your own! For this project, we will make colorful glowing sand, play with the sand, AND use it in a couple different art projects!


This experiment will change a perfectly good egg into something rubbery, bouncy and glowing! I can't wait to see how this works.


We are taking our favorite recipe for tie dye cupcakes and taking them up a notch. We'll top them with our own glowing buttercream frosting! GLOW STICK PLAY DAY

We're breaking out the glow sticks and using them to play all day, with bowling, water play, and creative construction on the agenda!


We will wrap up the week by making our own reusable glowing bouncy balls!

Shopping List:

🔲epsom salt (if you've been with us since Week 1, you probably have a bunch of this left over from bath bombs. Now's your chance to use it up!)

🔲ziploc bags

🔲glow in the dark paint (this will be used for 2 projects) (If you don't want to buy more paint, you can use whatever paint you have--it just won't glow.)

🔲uncooked eggs


🔲bottle of tonic water (make sure it contains quinine) (will use for 2 projects)

🔲glass jar or other container

🔲white cake mix (and all ingredients on back of box)

🔲food coloring (brighter neon colors will work best, but you can use any food coloring)

🔲1 cup butter

🔲powdered sugar

🔲vanilla extract

🔲 muffin pan

🔲glow sticks

🔲jumbo or regular marshmallows (have some left from last week?!)

🔲empty water or soda bottles


🔲white school glue

🔲corn starch


🔲construction paper/cardstock

🔲clear containers for sand art and/or small funnels

🔲small box of lime jello (to make a glow in the dark glaze for cupcakes)

🔲cupcake liners

🔲black light (this is completely optional but will help all your glow projects really come to life! There are so many different options on Amazon--light bars, light bulbs, flashlights etc. The one linked here has a coupon attached and came down to a really good price. It's a "Corona" purchase that I can see us using for many glow dance parties in our future! 😊)


I have recently become an Amazon Associate; therefore, I will receive a small commission on some of the items above. However, I only recommend items that I myself have purchased and believe will add value to the projects you complete with your family!☀️

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