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Camp Sunshine Week 9

This is it, you guys, the last week of our amazingly fun summer camp! We hope you've loved it and made lots of fun memories with your families! We have spent way more time at home this summer than we thought we ever would, but I'm thankful for the time to slow down, and play and create together. It has been a summer we will never forget! School starts here on August 10th, so we are days away from the structure and routine it will bring, not to mention all the uncertainty and stress that comes with the ongoing pandemic. So before it's back to schedules and homework, here are five more fun activities to get us set for school!


Sitting in class or in front of the computer all day can be boooring. We'll make a fun little fidget ball to help you pay attention in class!


Your teacher will never know you're passing notes in class when you write them with invisible ink! This fun science experiment is safe for all ages because it is heat free and uses items you probably already have in your kitchen!


Let's bake and practice our letters at the same time! These pretzels are sooo good and super simple to whip up.


Let's test out our new school supplies in this fun experiment that involves fancy scientific polymer chains but is simple enough for anyone to score an A+!


I don't know about you, but we tend to let our bathtime schedule slide a bit during the summer. Pool time counts as a bath, right?! It's time to get squeaky clean before you put on those brand new school clothes! We will make some fun little soap jellies that will take your back to school bath to the next level!


🔲water beads (Have you got yours yet? They are so fun!)

🔲clear balloons (You may already have these if you've been following along this summer.)

🔲empty plastic water bottle

🔲baking soda (just under 1 cup total -- we will use for two projects)

🔲white paper

🔲q-tips or small paintbrushes

🔲rubbing alcohol (1/2 cup)

🔲turmeric (1 tsp)

🔲paper towels or larger paintbrushes

🔲sugar 1 T)

🔲salt (3 tsp total -- will use for two projects)

🔲1 package yeast

🔲flour (4.5 cups)

🔲unsalted butter ( 2 oz.)

🔲cooking oil

🔲ziploc bags (any size)

🔲sharp pencils or colored pencils

🔲2 envelopes unflavored gelatin

🔲liquid hand soap (any scent or brand, 1/2 cup)

🔲silicone soap mold/silicone muffin liners (There are SO many on Amazon, lots of patterns!)



🔲coarse salt

🔲pretzel topping or dip of your choice (cheese, nut butter, melted butter, nutella, etc)

🔲food coloring (only if your liquid hand soap is not colored)


This may be the end of Camp Sunshine for now, but Little Sunshine Mom has so much more in store! Stay tuned for a big reveal in the coming weeks. You won't want to miss what we have planned!

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