Erupting Fireworks & Fireworks in a Jar

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

You can't have the 4th of July without fireworks! These two experiments recreate the sparkly lights and pretty colors with some items you probably already have at home. My two youngest kiddos loved these and repeated them both over and over!

Erupting Fireworks


🔲 cookie cutters (we used star and sunburst patterns)

🔲 baking soda

🔲 vinegar

🔲 dropper, squeeze bottle or spoon


🔲 red, white and silver glitter

🔲 dish soap

To Make:

Arrange your cookie cutters on a tray or plate. Place a spoonful of baking soda in the center and spread it out.

Next, add a few sprinkles of glitter.

Then, cover the glitter with another spoonful of baking soda.

Use a dropper, squeeze bottle or small spoon to slowly add vinegar to the mixture. Watch the mini explosions that occur and the fun sparkly effect of the glitter.

For even more explosion, try adding a squirt of dish soap to the cookie cutter with the baking soda before adding the vinegar.

***Note: If you don't want to use glitter, you can dye the vinegar different colors using food coloring. Then use the dropper to slowly add the colored vinegar to the baking soda and watch the colorful explosions!

Have fun with your erupting fireworks!


Fireworks in a Jar


🔲 1 jar or clear container per child

🔲 water

🔲 cooking oil

🔲 food coloring

To Make:

Fill the jar about 3/4 full with warm water.

In a separate dish, add a couple tablespoons of cooking oil. Then add 1-2 drops of each color of food coloring.

Gently swirl the mixture around with a fork.

Slowly and carefully pour the oil and color mixture into the jar of water. Watch what happens.

It doesn't take long before your colorful fireworks come alive. Once the colors mix, you can dump it all and do it again with new colors!


Let us know how you liked these projects by sharing photos/videos! ☀️

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