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Fidget/Stress Balls

If you've been following along this summer, you know how much I love water beads! They are so fun for kids (and grown ups, too!) I always enjoy pulling them out for some sensory play because I find them very calming. These fidget balls keep the water beads contained and are a great way to get out the wiggles while trying to focus. Trust me...I even caught my husband using one while sitting on a zoom call this week!


🔲water beads (that have soaked for a couple hours in water)

🔲clear balloons

🔲empty plastic water bottle


To Make:

These are so easy! Make sure your water beads are ready to go by soaking them in a bowl of water for a couple hours prior to making. It only takes a couple spoonfuls of water beads to make 4-5 fidget balls.

Once your water beads are plump and jiggly, fill an empty water bottle all the way to the top with beads. Then add some water to the bottle, filling it about halfway.

Next, fill a balloon just a little bit with air and while gripping the balloon to keep the air inside, gently stretch the end of the balloon over the top of the water bottle. We needed two sets of hands for this, one to hold the air inside the balloon and the other to attach the balloon to the water bottle.

Flip the bottle over and allow the water and beads to fill the balloon.

Then pull the balloon off the water bottle and slowly release most of the air. Tie the balloon and your ball is ready for play!

Gently squeeze and tug at your ball. Feel the water beads inside. These balls are so calming. I just love them!

**Be careful with your fidget ball while playing. They WILL break if punctured or played with roughly (or bitten by the dog, as was the case for one of ours!) It seems the more water inside, the less stable they are, so I would recommend going lighter on the water. Have fun with your new toy!


Do you love your fidget ball? Show us photos!☀️

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