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Fruit Rainbows (and Skittles!)

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

We completed two projects today that were both fun, easy, and involved food! Did someone say food?! 👀 Even my 13 year-old will make an appearance for treats!



🔲 fruit of many colors (choose whatever your kids like—there are so many options that will work!) We used strawberries, cantaloupe, pineapple, kiwi, blueberries and purple grapes.


🔲 whipped cream, yogurt or similar

To Make:

Prepare the fruit so it is washed, peeled and in bite size pieces.

Place the fruit in separate bowls. Allow kids to create their rainbow of fruit on a plate.

My oldest got creative and made a design other than the traditional rainbow, which was cool, too.

As a finishing touch, add some whipped cream or yogurt clouds on each end of the rainbow to use as a dipping sauce. Eat up and enjoy!

An alternate idea is to make rainbow fruit kabobs using some of the skewers you needed for the whirligigs! Either way, rainbow fruit is a sure hit!



This easy science experiment can be completed in less than ten minutes and is so fun to watch!


🔲 bag of skittles

🔲 warm water

🔲 plate

To Make:

Line up the skittles around the edge of a white plate. (This seems like it would be a cinch, but our skittles kept rolling around on the plate. It was so annoying. Don’t feel bad if this happens to you!)

Repeat the same color pattern all the way around.

Pour some warm water in the middle of the plate, just enough so that it reaches the edges of all the skittles.

Watch what happens!

So pretty!! (Now eat all the remaining dry skittles in the bag! 😊)


Were your rainbows yummy? Share your pictures/videos! ☀️

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