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Glow Stick Play Day!

To celebrate the end of our fun filled Glow Week, we had a glow party! The kids dressed in their glowiest outfits, we turned on the black light and opened a party pack of glow sticks for some cool activities. This "party" was cheap and easy and such a great way to change it up from the daily grind.


🔲 glow sticks

🔲 regular or jumbo marshmallows

🔲 plastic water bottles w/ caps (6-8)

🔲 ball (any kind will do)


🔲black light

Activity #1 -- Glow Sculptures

Using marshmallows and glow sticks, work together and use your imagination to build a glowing sculpture or design!

Activity #2 -- Glow Bowling

Fill empty water bottles about 2/3 full with water and insert a glow stick in each one. Set them up as bowling pins and use any sort of ball you have at home (we used a soccer ball) to try to knock the pins down. This game was really fun and very intense. We may or may not have had to stop before it was officially over because of the fierce competitiveness happening at our house!

Activity #3 -- Glowing Water

Using the sticks from the sculptures (after washing them off) or any extras you have, toss a bunch in your pool or in the bathtub for some fun filled water play. My kids love going in the pool when it starts to get dark, so the addition of glow sticks just made it even more fun and exciting!

Activity #4 -- Glowing Dance Party

To end our super fun night, we removed the glow sticks from the water and I let the kids use the connectors that came in the package to make their own necklaces and bracelets. Then we turned off the lights and turned on the black light, cranked up some fun tunes, and danced our booties off until bedtime!


We hope you had a fun filled glow party, too! Show us your photos!

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