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Grass Heads

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

This project is SO fun, and the possibilities are endless as to what silly face you can create! We can’t wait for our grass hair to grow!


🔲 knee highs or old stockings

🔲 grass seeds

🔲 potting soil/dirt/compost

🔲 rubberbands

🔲 large googly eyes

🔲 felt/old fabric

🔲 hot glue gun

🔲 small container to hold your grass head

To Make:

Cut your knee high or stocking into a tube leaving the toe area intact. Place about 2 tablespoons of grass seed in the bottom of the stocking.

Pull the stocking apart to make it fairly flat and begin filling it with dirt. Fill it enough to make a ball shape. Then tie off the bottom.

Shape a nose and/or ears by gently tugging on the stocking and dirt to make a lump. Then use a rubberband or thread to tie it off.

Use a hot glue gun to attach googly eyes. Then you can create whatever kind of face you would like. Smiles, teeth, glasses, etc. Use felt, fabric, pipe cleaners, sequins, beads, whatever you have at home. Get creative!

Gently water your grass head under the faucet and place it inside a small pot or container. (You can also decorate the pot however you want! Making felt outfits was really fun and added more time to the project, but totally not necessary!)

Be sure to check on your grass head and give it a little water everyday. It won't be long before the grass begins to sprout and the hair grows! Then you can cut it into any hairstyle you like!


Show us your cute little grass heads!

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