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Hummingbird Feeders

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

We have had SO many hummingbirds in our yard lately, and I have to admit I am a little obsessed! My kids love watching the little hummers come visit during the day. We decided to see if we could attract even more hummingbirds by making some feeders to place in different spots in the yard!


🔲 plastic water or soda bottle

🔲 shallow container with a fitted lid (ziploc, deli, hummus container etc) We used these

🔲 red foam sheet

🔲 twine or thin wire for hanging (I show wire in the photo but we ended up going with twine as it was easier to tie on)

🔲 sugar and water to make the nectar

Also helpful but not necessary:

🔲 a nail and/or drill

🔲 hole punch

🔲 funnel

Hummingbirds are intensely attracted to the color red. We've even seen them checking out our beach towels that are covered in red flowers! Start the project by drawing flower shapes on the red foam and cutting them out. Then use a hole punch or scissors to make a small hole in the center of each one.

Take the lid of your shallow container and make four holes in it, one hole in each corner. The plastic lid of our containers was very thick, so I resorted to using our drill to make the holes. (I have never used a drill before on my own, ever. Now I can officially cross that off my list!) You can also drive a nail through the plastic or use scissors (or an old school ice pick, if you have one!)

Then glue your red flowers on the lid, making sure to line up the holes!

Next, take the cap off the water bottle. Drive a nail through it to make two small holes through the plastic. Then, place the cap in the center of the container lid and trace it. Use scissors to cut a hole that is just big enough for the top of the water bottle to fit through.

Gently push the water bottle through the container lid. We used hot glue to make a seal between the bottle and the lid to make it even more secure.

Then, tie twine or wire around the bottle for hanging.

To make the nectar, you will use a 1:4 ratio. For every four cups of water, you will add one cup of sugar. We made three feeders, so to have enough nectar for all three we used 12 cups of water and 3 cups of sugar. Bring the water to boiling on the stove and whisk in the sugar until it is fully dissolved. Then remove from heat and let it cool. (It is not necessary and possibly harmful to the birds to add red food coloring, so no need to do that!)

When your nectar is cool, you can fill your feeders. First, pour nectar into the flat container leaving about a quarter inch from the top.

Then, pour the rest of the nectar into the water bottle (you may need a funnel for this.) Screw the cap back on the water bottle tightly, then gently tip it over and place it into the container. Fully seal the lid and you are set and ready to hang!

Within an hour of hanging ours, we had a cute little hummingbird checking one out, and we’ve since seen multiple hummingbirds drinking from them! I’m hoping to be quick enough to take a photo at some point!

***Update! I finally moved quick enough to snap a photo through my kitchen window. It’s hummingbird central around here and we are loving it!


Did your feeder attract any hummingbirds? Let us know!

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