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Invisible Ink Messages

Did you ever have those invisible ink pens as a kid? I thought they were so much fun, but I would inevitably leave the cap off and they would dry up too fast. I also remember trying out an experiment for invisible ink using lemon juice where you would have to hold it up to light to reveal the hidden message. This recipe for invisible ink is SO easy and uses common kitchen ingredients you probably already have.


🔲baking soda

🔲q-tips (or small paintbrushes)

🔲white paper


🔲rubbing alcohol

🔲paper towels (or paintbrushes)

To Make:

Begin by dissolving 1 T baking soda into 1/2 cup warm water to make the invisible ink solution.

Use q-tips or thin paintbrushes to write a message or draw a picture.

Try not to make the q-tip too wet or it will run on the paper and smear your writing.

Next, make the reveal solution by mixing 1 tsp of turmeric into 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol.

*****Stain Warning!! Turmeric will stain things bright yellow. For this next part, be sure to cover your table or other work surface to prevent any staining.*****

Dip the paintbrush or a corner of a paper towel in the reveal solution and begin wiping or painting it over the surface of your message/drawing. Your hidden messages will be revealed!

This was such a hit with my kids. They wanted to save the leftover turmeric solution in a container for later so they could write more messages to each other! We hope you had fun creating your invisible ink messages, too!


Show us your hidden messages!☀️

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