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Magic Milk & Marbled Paper

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

This project is colorful, hands on, and gives big results! I ended up combining two activities into one, but you can stick with just the first part if your kids (or you!) aren't feeling very crafty that day. 😊

Part One:

Pour a small amount of milk into a shallow dish. A 9x13 glass pan or pie pan works great! Then drop at least two drops of each color of food coloring over the milk.

Next, dip a q-tip into the dish soap. Then, dip the q-tip into the milk and observe what happens when it touches the areas of color. Gently swirl the q-tip around and see the changes. When the colors begin to mix too much and turn brown, dump and repeat to try it again.

Part Two:

(***This part of the project works best outdoors! The papers will be very drippy. They should also be hung or placed on wax paper to dry. They will stick to other flat surfaces.)

To make marbled paper, first cut your watercolor sheets to a size that will completely fit into your dish. Next, repeat the magic milk experiment. This time swirl the colors very minimally to ensure they don't turn brown! Place one of your watercolor sheets into the milk mixture and firmly press down. Then carefully remove it, hang it up, and let it dry completely. You should be able to get 2-3 watercolor sheets made before the colors start to mix too much and become brown. If you want to make more paper, just dump the mixture and repeat.

Once dried and flattened (you can iron between two sheets of paper if they are too wrinkly,) you can use them as homemade cards, scrapbook paper, framed artwork...the possibilities are endless!

Be sure to let me know how this project worked for you, and please share your photos/videos We'll be posting our thoughts and results as well. Thank you!!

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