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Painted Rock Fish

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

My kids love to make painted rocks. We have many of them strewn about our yard. We also love looking for and finding painted rocks when we are out for walks! These little rock fish are the cutest and can be decorated any way you like!


🔲 rocks of assorted sizes

🔲 hot glue gun

🔲 paint or paint markers

To Make:

Collect rocks of various sizes from your yard or the park. Wash and dry them thoroughly. Then, figure out which rocks you can piece together to make a fish. Use bigger rocks for the bodies and smaller rocks for the fins and tails.

Using a hot glue gun, carefully glue the rocks together. Be careful! Adults may want to be in charge of the gluing. We used fairly large rocks, and we needed A LOT of glue to keep the fins attached. We did a layer on one side and then when it was dry, we flipped the fish over and did a second layer of glue on the back to reinforce everything.

Once the glue is completely dry, you can paint your rock fish however you want! Add scales, eyes, mouths, stripes, the list goes on! We used paint markers, and they worked really well. You can also use small paint brushes and regular nonwashable paint. (To further protect the paint, you can finish with a layer of mod podge, clear glue, clear nail polish, or any other sealant once the paint is completely dry. This is totally optional and not necessary for the finished product.)

Place your fish around your yard or give them to a friend. Even better, if you really want to spread some sunshine, leave them in a good spot while you're out on a walk for others to find and enjoy! ☀️


What kinds of fish did you create? Please let us know by sharing photos/videos!

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