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Pencils in a Bag Experiment

This super simple science experiment is sure to make them ooh and aah! It had me gritting my teeth in fear that we would have a giant water explosion on our hands! How does it work? Check out Steve Spangler's amazing science site to learn all about polymer chains and how they function in this experiment!


🔲sharp pencils or colored pencils

🔲ziploc bags (any size)


To Make:

You don't need much to make the magic happen, but I would suggest doing this experiment over a sink or in the yard.

Fill a bag with water and seal tightly.

Next, begin inserting one pencil at a time through the bag and out the other side.

If you do it correctly, you can insert pencils all the way through without spilling any water!

There is a catch, as we discovered. You have to insert the pencil in a perfectly straight line. If you stick it in and then turn it at all before sticking it through the other side, the hole becomes a little bigger than the pencil and the water begins leaking out.

We tried this four times to see how many pencils we could stick in before we messed up. Little Girl had the magic touch--she was really good at sticking the pencils in perfectly!

This experiment was more fun than I thought it would be and a good learning experience for us all. And it's kind of a cool party trick!


How many pencils did you stick through your bag? Show us!☀️

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