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Puffy Snow Paint

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

This paint comes together in ten seconds and is the perfect way to fill some time when you need to keep them busy! Plus, it dries puffy and soft and looks just like snow!


🔲 shaving cream (foam)

🔲 white glue

🔲 construction paper

🔲 paintbrushes


🔲 iridescent or white glitter

To Make:

Fill a mixing bowl with equal parts shaving cream and white glue.

Mix together well.

Optional: Add a generous amount of iridescent glitter to the mixture and stir well.

Give your kids a bowl of paint, some paper, and a paintbrush and let them go to town! This paint would also work as a finger paint if you don’t have brushes.

It goes on puffy and stays that way! Use it to make snowscapes, snowmen, clouds—use your imagination!

To add shapes to a snowman, cut out the parts from construction paper and just set them on top. The glue in the paint will hold them.

Give a generous sprinkle of glitter to the top of your art, and then leave it out to dry overnight.

Once dry, you can hang your creations wherever you’d like! ❄️


Show us your puffy snow artwork!☀️

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