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Rainbow Art in a Bag

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

I often ask the kids for ideas to help me make our activities even better. This time L had some really great input, so we put his ideas to use and the result was some beautiful pieces of art we are excited to hang! We hope you enjoy it, too!


🔲 paint in rainbow colors

🔲 cardstock or watercolor paper

🔲 gallon ziploc bags


🔲 painter’s tape

To Make:

Begin by cutting your paper to fully fit inside the ziploc bag. (We made ours exactly the size of the bag, and that was ok, but they were hard to get in and out. You might want to give yourself a small gap for easier insertion and removal.)

***Optional: Give the kids a roll of painter’s tape and scissors, and let them make designs on the paper with the tape. This was L’s idea, and they all loved it! They cut out stars and hearts, made stripes etc with the tape. One thing we did which may not be necessary is that before sticking the tape to the paper, we stuck it to our shirt to muck it up a bit and make it less sticky. You’ll be removing the tape later, so you don’t want it to rip the paper underneath. ***If you‘d rather not do this step or have littler ones, you can skip it and go straight to the painting! You will still get a beautiful rainbow picture.

After the tape design is complete, insert the paper in the bag. Take a teaspoonful of each color paint and line them up on one side inside the bag. This is tricky. You kind of have to lift up the side of the bag while also inserting a spoon and trying not to get paint all over the place. You can do it!

I used my finger to push the paint off and into the bag.

Once you have all the colors of the rainbow, fully close the bag. Using their fingers or another object, the kids can create rainbow stripes, swirls etc with the paint. My kids started with their fingers and then ended up using a butter knife or, as you can see below, other things to help slide the paint across! ☺️ (I think rolling a marble around in the bag would be really cool, too.)

Then carefully cut away the ziploc bag and remove the paper. Lay it out on a paper towel to dry.

When dry, very gently peel away the tape (if you used it) to reveal the white patterns underneath.

Your rainbow art is complete!


How did your rainbow art turn out? 🌈 Let us know by sharing photos/videos! ☀️

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