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Rainbow Whirligigs

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

These cute little spinners are simple to make and fun to play with!


🔲 colored paper (we used rainbow colors but you can use anything! 🔲 wooden skewer

🔲 glue stick

🔲 hot glue gun

To Make:

Begin by cutting your paper into strips. I cut down the long side and made them a little over a half inch wide. You can use any colors—just make sure you have 8 strips per child. (You also may want to cut the strips ahead of time so they are ready to go!)

Cut out four small circles of any color for each child, about 1 1/2 inches wide. I eyeballed these—they were not perfect!

Using a glue stick, spread glue all over one of the circles. Then begin placing your strips onto the circle.

We made a plus sign with our strips, added more glue, and then made an X with the remaining strips. You just want to space them pretty evenly apart.

Then glue another circle on the top of the strips to enclose everything.

Grab another circle, spread glue all over it, and repeat the process with the other end of the strips, making a kind of bubble shape. Then glue the last circle on the other side, enclosing everything.

Next, insert the skewer through the center of both circles. You may need to start with a pin or something sharp, and then push the skewer through.

Use hot glue to affix the skewer at the top circle so that the entire top part stays in place and doesn't spin. Add some hot glue to the underside of the top circle as well, just to make sure it all stays in place.

Move the skewer around in the bottom hole to loosen up the hole a little bit. Then it’s ready to spin!

Hold in between your hands and roll back and forth to make it spin!


Did your whirligigs twirl? Let us know and share your photos/videos! ☀️

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