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Shake It Up Slushies

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

These fruity slushies can be made in minutes, and my kids are crazy for them! (including my 13 year-old!) Who doesn't love a sweet and cool summertime treat?

To make:

1. If using kool aid powder, see my notes at the bottom of this post!! Measure 1-2 cups of kool aid or juice into the sandwich bag. Tightly seal the bag.

2. Fill a quart size ziploc bag halfway full with ice and then measure 1/4 cup of salt and pour it over the ice. Place the sandwich bag of liquid inside the larger bag. Seal tightly.

3. Begin to shake the bag. Keep in mind it will be very cold, so we like to use oven mitts or mittens while shaking. After about 5 minutes or less of vigorous shaking, the juice should become a slushie consistency. Pour it into a cup or bowl or just eat it straight from the bag! You can add toppings if you wish (we added Nerds on top to make them like Sonic slushies,) and enjoy!

***Notes for Kool Aid use:

This experiment will work with any liquid you choose. We have made it before with a bottle of V8 Splash and it was yummy, easier, and probably healthier. However, I like using kool aid packets because a.) I never buy them so they are definitely a special treat and b.) They make the flavors taste like real slushies you might find at the Kona Ice Truck. If you decide to go the kool aid route, you can mix up a pitcher using one packet of mix, one cup of sugar and two quarts water. Then measure out 1-2 cups of liquid per sandwich bag and proceed from there. OR, you can pour the contents of the kool aid packet into a reusable container and stir in one cup sugar but no water. Mix well. From there, you can measure out 1 T powder/sugar mix to 1 cup water into the sandwich bag and then proceed with the experiment. The reason I like doing it this way is because each of my kids can choose a different flavor and I won’t be stuck making four different pitchers of kool aid at the same time that I then have to store in my fridge. With the containers of powder/sugar mix, they can combine flavors (even more like the Kona truck!) and I can store the remaining powder in the pantry for another use.***

Please let me know how this project worked for you! And don't forget to share photos/videos!

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