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Solar Oven & S'mores Cones

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Building a solar oven is an easy and fun science project! You can use it to make all sorts of yummy things, from pizza to hot dogs. This week we will use our solar oven to cook up some yummy s'mores cones that will be melt in your mouth delicious!

Supplies for the Oven:

🔲 pizza box (or other box that has a fold over lid—we used a box for a chrome book)

🔲 aluminum foil

🔲 plastic wrap

🔲 tape

🔲 black paper (or another dark color)

🔲 craft knife or box cutter

Ingredients for the S'mores:

🔲 mini marshmallows

🔲 chocolate bar

🔲 graham crackers

🔲 sugar cones 🔲 aluminum foil

To Make Solar Oven:

Start by cutting a flap in the lid of your pizza box, leaving a 1.5 to 2 inch border around the edges.

Wrap the inside of the flap with aluminum foil, shiny side facing out. Secure with tape.

Next, tear two sheets of plastic wrap and use them to cover the hole created by the flap, securing them with tape. Use one sheet on the outside and one on the inside to make it double insulated. This is what keeps the heat inside the oven.

Inside the box, cover the bottom and sides with more aluminum foil and secure with tape. Then glue or tape black paper on top of the foil.

Your solar oven is now ready for baking!


To Make S'mores:

Begin by breaking your chocolate bar and a few graham crackers into small pieces.

In a small bowl, mix mini marshmallows with the chocolate and graham cracker pieces.

Then fill each sugar cone with the mixture. Be sure to fill pretty full because it will all sink into the cone as the chocolate melts. Also, be careful with the cones when filling them as they tend to break easily.

Gently wrap each cone in a small piece of foil.


To Bake:

Place the cones inside the oven and place the oven in direct sunlight.

Use a dowel, skewer, ruler, or other object to prop up the aluminum foil covered flap. The sun will shine onto the flap and be directed down onto the food. It will take longer than using a regular oven, so keep that in mind. We left our cones in the oven for about an hour or a little longer, but it was about 108 degrees here! You can check them occasionally to see how the chocolate is melting and that the marshmallows are beginning to soften. Once ready, carefully remove the foil and enjoy!


Did your solar oven work? Tell us about it by sharing photos/video! ☀️

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