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Updated: May 21, 2020

So glad you’re here. 😊 We can’t wait for summer to begin so we can kick-off this epic playdate we’ve been planning. Your family, our family, and hopefully many others having fun together and making memories! My team of tried and true activity testers (aka, my offspring) have been lending their expertise to help me come up with some really fun science experiments, crafts, and tasty treats to help make this summer one for the books! This site is where you’ll come to find our weekly activity plan and shopping list. Five new themed activities each week for nine weeks of summer! We will be sharing and socializing on Instagram, so be sure to join us and share your photos and videos of all the fun you’re having, too!! The first theme and shopping list will be posted next week so you can get prepared, and Week 1 will begin on June 1. Tell your friends and spread the word, and welcome to our Summer Spectacular!

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